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Comparison Websites

Comparison websites are like your shopping buddies on the internet. They help you find the best deals on everything from electronics to insurance, making sure you get the most bang for your buck. And here are a few popular comparison sites in Germany



Babysitter/Au pair/Nanny/Tutor/Handymen/Cleaning

These are the real superheroes of daily life. They’re the folks you call when you need a hand with childcare, fixing stuff around the house, or even just keeping things spick and span.

Fully Furnished Apartments

Imagine moving into a new place and everything you need is already there – from furniture to kitchen utensils. That’s what these providers offer, hassle-free living.

Apartment Search

Insurance Providers

Insurance providers are like your safety net. They offer a variety of plans, from health to travel, making sure you’re covered when life throws a curveball. Here we have broken them down into sub-categories, so it’s easier for you to find the provider of each of the different types of insurances in Germany

Private Health Insurance

PKV Expat Banner (300x250) male: ottonova Health Insurance for Expats

Tax advisor

These are the experts who help you navigate the labyrinth of German tax laws. They make sure you’re paying what you owe and not a penny more. Tax Advisors are listed here with their field of expertise,that you can consult with. Their charges are and rating are given alongside, so you can compare. The platform even allows short online chats. Register and consult with the expert of your choice.


Lawyers are the legal experts who can guide you through the complexities of the law, whether it’s for personal matters or business-related issues, especially in a country like Germany, where there are very complex laws, on almost everything. Lawyers are listed here with their field of expertise, that you can consult with. Their charges are and ratings are given alongside, so you can compare. The platform even allows short online chats. Register and consult with the expert of your choice.

Movers and Packers/Handyman

When it’s time to move or you need a hand with home repairs, these professionals come to the rescue, making transitions smoother. They are operational in most major cities of the whole country.

Money Transfer

Need to send or receive money across borders? These services help you do that securely and efficiently

Bank Accounts

This is your first step in financial life in Germany. These providers assist you in setting up your bank accounts in Germany.

Credit Card

Indian Grocery Online

For those craving a taste of home, this store offers expats a range of Indian, Asian, Surinamese and African range of groceries home delivered across all of Germany.

Asian groceries online

Ordering Food Online

Online Pharmacy

Get your meds and health products delivered to your doorstep with these convenient online pharmacy options

Pet Sitting

When you can’t take your furry friend along, this provider sends recommendations of experienced pet sitters who take care of your pets like they’re their own.

Online Pet Store

For pet owners, this online store offers everything from food to toys, all just a click away.

Pet Insurance

Liability Insurance for pets

If your pet has been upto some mischief, these providers can help you with some liability plans.

Health Insurance for Pets

Keep your pets protected with insurance plans from these providers, that cover their healthcare expenses.



When our loved ones need extra care in their golden years, this service provider offers services to ensure their well-being

Travel Websites

Discover your next adventure with these trusted travel websites that offer great deals and recommendations.

Tains and buses

Refurbished Electronics

Score quality electronics at a fraction of the price through this online shop

Household goods/Furniture/Electronics Stores

These stores are your go-to for furnishing your home, from kitchen appliances to cozy couches

Prepaid Top-up

Stay connected by topping up your mobile plan on this platform

Security Deposit to Landlord

Moving into a new place? Learn about the ins and outs of paying your security deposit to your landlord and keeping your security deposit safe.

Campers on rent

Explore the great German outdoors with camper rentals from this provider

Discount Websites

Love a good deal? These websites are treasure troves of discounts on everything you can imagine.


Whether you need wheels for a day or longer, these service providers easy access to renting cars across Germany



For all things baby-related, from diapers to strollers, this online shop has you covered.

Online Broker

Take charge of your financial future with online investment platforms in Germany, that make investing accessible and easy.

Online University

Pursue higher education from the comfort of your home through this online university

Online Tax -Filing Apps

File your taxes with ease using these user-friendly apps, saving you time and headaches to navigate through the German Tax System

Gym Membership

Stay fit and healthy by finding the right gym membership that suits your needs.

Documents Translation

When you need documents translated, these services bridge the language gap.

Blocked Accounts

If you’re a student coming to Germany, these accounts help meet the financial requirements for your visa

Ordering a Schufa Report

Get insights into your credit history in Germany with a Schufa report. Order your personal copy on their official website here

Electricity Provider English Support

Make managing your electricity plans in Germany, easier with this provider that not only offers English support but also flexible plans, to save some hard-earned money.

VPN Providers

Keep your online activities secure and private with these top-rated VPN providers in Germany

Mobile Insurance

Protect your beloved smartphone from accidents and mishaps with mobile phone insurance.


Laptop Insurance

Safeguard your laptop against theft, damage, or loss with laptop insurance plans.

hepster Laptopversicherung

Buy/Sell Used Electronics

Give your old gadgets a new life or score a deal on pre-loved electronics.

Sim Cards

Stay connected in Germany with this SIM card that offers voice and data plans.

CV/Resume Builder

Craft a standout CV or resume with these user-friendly online tools.

Concerts and Events

Discover upcoming concerts and events and buy tickets for the same, in your area for a fun night out.

Education Loan

Fund your dreams of higher education with loans tailored for students, offering comparisons and offers ,of upto 15 banks simultaneously.


Secure your financial future with pension plans designed to provide income in your retirement years.

Bus City Tours

Explore your city with guided bus tours that offer a convenient way to see the sights.

Check Country Regulations

Stay informed about regulations and Visa guidelines for travel or residence in foreign countries

Insurance Consultant

Get expert advice from our Certified Consultant, on choosing the right insurance plans to protect what matters most.

Language Course

Learn the German language online, from beginner to advanced levels.

Car/Bike Insurance

Cover your vehicles with insurance plans that offer protection on the road.

Buy/Sell 2nd Hand Books/Clothes

Give your old books and clothes a new life or find affordable second-hand items.

Car Loan

Finance your dream car with car loan options that fit your budget.

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