Unlocking Premium Care: Your Complete Guide to Private Health Insurance In Germany

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Unlocking Premium Care: Your Complete Guide to Private Health Insurance In Germany

Healthcare plays a role in our lives and it is important to have access, to high-quality medical services for our overall wellness. Numerous countries have public healthcare systems that strive to offer services to their residents. Nevertheless, private health insurance has gained popularity as a choice for individuals and families who desire control and customisation options regarding their healthcare needs. In this article, we will delve into the topic of private health insurance exploring its benefits, considerations, and role, within the healthcare landscape.

It is important to know as an expat, that the most popular and recommended English-speaking health insurance providers are OttonovaGetSafe and Feather. All these providers, have different kinds of benefits when you join their programmes, for example :

Feather is an aggregator that incorporates most healthcare providers on its platform and is an online broker. Infact they have even gone ahead and curated Insurance plan for Expats, specifically. So if you are an Expat and move from one country to the other ,then this might be the one for you.  Then Ottonova has created an Insurance plan for students. So if you are a student and heading to Germany, then this provider can cover your requirements. So depending upon what exactly you are looking for, you can choose the provider that suits you best. Here is a brief glimpse of these provider’s services.

  ottonova logo getsafe insurance logo vector feather logo
Free Consultation Yes Yes Yes
Network of Healthcare Providers  Extensive Comprehensive Comprehensive
Hospital Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Specialist Care Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Dental Care Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Digital Support 100% 100% 100%
English Support Yes Yes Yes
Additional Benefits Mental Health & Alternative Medicine Emergency Abroad Faster Appointments

About 10% of Germans choose private Krankenversicherung, often known as PKV. Private health insurance is only available to those who meet specific requirements. This comprises: 

      • Who earns over €66,600 per year

      • Students aged between 23-30

      • Freelance individuals or self-employed

    As the public healthcare system is remarkable, not everyone who is eligible for private health insurance chooses to enrol in it. For some people, there may not always be much to gain from going private. However private insurance offers a higher level of care, shorter waiting times and additional services. For instance, private dental insurance may offer coverage of major dental work which public healthcare does not. Other than this, a private room after an operation or hospital treatment is under the coverage.

    People who use private healthcare plans have more options for physicians and medical facilities because they can see both public healthcare providers and private-only physicians. Private insurance holders may also benefit from shorter wait times and the ability to discover and consult a physician fluent in their original tongue. However, other than these few benefits, most individuals do not notice a significant difference between the two because of how excellent the healthcare system in Germany is.

    How Much Does German Private Health Insurance Cost

    The cost of private health insurance might vary significantly. The cost of private healthcare insurance premiums will be more influenced by age and health (risk), as opposed to public healthcare insurance, which is equally expensive (in terms of contribution) for everyone. Because their private rates would be so exorbitant, people with chronic illnesses may discover that public healthcare insurance is much less expensive. Young adults in the highest income categories who are in good physical health stand to benefit the most from private healthcare.

    Those with private insurance are frequently required to pay the hospital or doctor’s fees and claim the costs back from the insurer themselves, in contrast to public healthcare, where the doctor or hospital claims money from the insurance fund to cover treatment.

    Coverage of Private Healthcare in Germany

    Private health insurance offers a higher level of service and coverage than statutory health insurance. You can customize your cover and mix and match it to your needs. For example, you can get more comprehensive dental coverage, a single or double room in hospitals faster appointments with specialists, and international coverage. Let us know the benefits of Private Health Insurance:

        • Getting health insurance can offer you access, to specialist care and elective procedures. This is particularly advantageous when you need treatment or second opinions.

        • Policyholders can choose their preferred doctors, hospitals, and healthcare facilities

        • Private insurance takes a shorter waiting time than public health insurance

        • Additional services are offered such as mental health coverage, wellness programs, and preventive care that may not be offered by others.

        • Private health insurance provides coverage for travel emergencies while travelling abroad which gives mental relief to many.

      Which Private Health Insurance Should You Pick in Germany

      To become privately insured in Germany, you must contact one of the private health insurance companies. However, before you can leave the public insurance programme, you must first inform your current public insurance scheme, get in touch with your employer, and start the process. 

      When you are insured by a private health insurance fund, you have access to services and treatments that are not required by law. You will be responsible for covering the costs of your doctor’s visit before submitting a claim for reimbursement to your private health insurance. 

      Before extending you a contract, private health insurers frequently require a medical examination or health questionnaire. They have the right to refuse you if you have any pre-existing or ongoing conditions. When you are young and healthy, private health insurance is significantly less expensive than public health insurance, but it rises dramatically in price as you age. I think this statement is too broad, and if you are eligible for private health insurance, you should speak with an insurance broker and compare various insurance providers and prices.

      Consulting an insurance broker will help you in getting valuable insights and help you find the best private health insurance plan. Let us learn more about the detailed services offered by a few well-known private health insurance providers that are listed below. 


      PKV Expat Banner (300x250) male: ottonova Health Insurance for Expats

      Ottonova is an insurance service provider, the only private health insurance that offers all its services in English and 100% digital. In fact, their guiding principle is that, in contrast to traditional providers, they do not impose high premiums in the early years because the younger generation is one that is mobile and working.

          • Full digital support

          • Excellent coverage

          • English speaking support


        GetSafe is an insurance service provider that comes up with hand-picked and recommended coverage that best fits your needs.

            • Lifelong performance reliability

            • Comprehensive illness care

            • Services tailored to your needs

            • Free consultation


          Feather is an online Insurance broker specialized for expats in Germany who are happy to find the best option, whether it be public or private health insurance. 

              • Insurance service provider with customer focus

              • Website and customer support in English

              • Simple to use

              • 100% digital


            Generic 600x500

            If you are earning at least €66,600 as an employee of a company, then yes, you are eligible for private health insurance. You are also eligible if you earn more than €30,000 per year as a self-employed person, a freelancer, retired, or live-off investments.

            Depending on the physician you visit, you will receive an invoice from the doctor that must be paid within 14 to 30 days. You can submit the invoice via your insurance account during that time, and they will reimburse you for the cost of the treatment.

            If you visit the hospital, these expenses will be paid out in full without the need for an invoice (with some exceptions for extra services like a private room, for which you will need to submit an invoice to your account).

            Normally, you must switch back to public insurance. We can determine whether you are qualified to continue your private plan if you have private insurance for the five years prior to your unemployment.

            Yes, it is possible to switch back to public health insurance after having private insurance, but it can be challenging, particularly if you do not become a salaried employee.
            If you are in one of the voluntarily insured categories like freelancers or are self-employed, public insurance companies will not be forced to accept you. If you do become an employee later, your annual salary must be less than €66,600. When you are older than 55, it is practically impossible to switch back to public insurance.

            Dependents are not automatically covered by your private insurance plan in the same way that they would be by public insurance. To receive benefits, each member of your household must purchase additional insurance. 

            In Germany, insurers are free to choose who they want to insure, allowing them to make decisions based on a person’s medical history.

            A combination of diagnoses frequently results in rejection, even though a single diagnosis might not. Insurance companies will occasionally work with people who have a lengthy medical history.


            Private health insurance presents an alternative, to public healthcare systems offering flexibility and personalized care choices. It can be especially appealing to individuals who prioritize having access to doctor’s shorter wait times and comprehensive coverage. However, it is vital to understand the implications and potential limitations. Carefully select the right policy.

            Ultimately the decision to opt for health insurance should be based on circumstances such as health needs, budgetary constraints, and personal preferences. To make an informed choice it is advisable to seek guidance from insurance professionals to thoroughly review policy documents and evaluate options. This will ensure that private health insurance aligns, with your healthcare goals and financial situation. Remember that maintaining health through measures and a healthy lifestyle is an important aspect of any healthcare strategy regardless of whether it is public or private.

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