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Hi, I am Ashish , and am of Indian origin. I was brought up in a liberal Indian family. Having more than 30 years of work experience of which 20+ years were in the Aviation Industry, I came for the first time to Germany, in March of ’96. I am now settled and live in Berlin, with my family. I am self-employed and a serial entrepreneur.

The scenario for expats has changed drastically, over the many years I have spent here. And seeing the challenges that immigrants are facing here, especially with the combination of the language barrier and heavy bureaucratic processes, gave birth to the idea of helping out immigrants and creating a platform such as Expat Guides. Having travelled to over 70 countries globally,  having been exposed to and interacted with various cultures around the world and also having had the life experience of living as an expat in Germany, I thought I could help people out so that their transition from their home countries to Germany, is a smooth one.

Ajay Dhingra Foto 2020 01 19 bwAjay 

I have been born and brought up here (apart from the short stint in India) and German is my mother tongue. Been in the corporate life for around 20years and now focussing on expat-guides as well as on home loans. 

I am a certified home loan consultant and the founder of gharingermany.de – I am fueled by my passion of helping others to achieve their goals in terms of buying real estate here in Germany. I own the house live in and apart from that, a few apartments & multi-storey buildings as investments. I lived in India for about 5 years. What drives me, is bridging the gap – not only between the German banking system and my clients who are looking for a home loan, but also between two cultures. 

You will find me on several groups posting answers to common expat-questions.