Car Rentals in Germany

How to rent a car in Germany

You don’t own a car in Germany, but still want to use the Autobahn? You can get the feeling of driving if you rented car here. There are multiple options to chose from – but you’d also need to read the fine print – we’ll be answering most common questions here.

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How to rent a car?

Having a car comes you a lot of freedom and convenience when travelling in Germany. You can go at your own pace, stop frequently to take in the view and go to those places that are challenging to reach by public transportation. Learn how to get a cheap rental car in Germany by reading this article. 

If you fly to your destination for your holiday and want to be mobile after you arrive, you must rent a car. It serves as many people’s alternative to their car. 

The cost of the rental car is determined by several factors: When do you rent, how long do you rent it for, and what other terms apply. 

It is even more crucial that you shop around for the best deals before the rental time and avoid making last-minute or even on-site reservations. Many rental car portals on the Internet can assist you in locating the best deal. We’ll show you what to watch out for in this guide. 

Where can you get the best rates on rental cars?

Rental car companies’ offers are very different from one another. Three different categories of providers are also available on the market: On the one hand, there are the traditional rental firms that provide you with their cars locally. These include 

In addition, small, neighbourhood direct providers frequently supply their fleet of rentals. 

Additionally, there are “rental car agents,” also referred to as brokers or tour operators. They solely act as a broker for the direct providers’ cars, not their own. 

Popular intermediaries are: 

  • Auto Europe 
  • Holiday Autos 
  • Rental Cars 

Finally, several internet marketplaces combine deals from both direct vendors and rental car brokers. 

You will find the biggest selection there, making it simple to compare rates and terms as well as make direct bookings. 

And if car sharing is your thing, then a popular app-based provider is ShareNow. But if you are more outdoorsy and adventurous kinds, and would like to explore the countryside using Campers or Recreational Vehicles, then PaulCamper is the portal to go to. Actually, we also found that has also some options for car rentals of late

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How to find the cheapest rental car

It is essential to use comparison websites to acquire a general idea of costs and terms before making a car reservation. Compared to contacting each landlord individually or renting them on-site, this takes much less time. Searching for deals across different portals makes sense. 

You might first check to see if you can acquire rental cars from specific firms there for less if you are a member of a car club. The price and the offer on the portals are then compared. 

Another option that is very popular in the country is to use the portal of Check24, which is like a comparison site of various providers. Verivox on the other hand lets you compare and book eCars if that’s what you are looking for.


Another option is to work with a travel agent to jointly book your ticket and rental vehicle. Advantage: A package tour is one in which both travel services are provided to you for a single charge. Then, even if you have issues with your travel, the mediator must support you. Platforms such as could help with this, both for accommodation as well as car rental in one package.

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What should you consider when making a rental car reservation?

The cost of renting an automobile is always adjusting. However, there are several things you may do to save money: 

Book from home as early as you can.

Booking as early as feasible is recommended. ideally, just before you leave. You can always cancel your contract if your preferences change later or you unintentionally discover a lower price. You can cancel your reservation without penalty up to 24 hours in advance using a good comparison website. 

Use a German-language comparison portal

Use a German-language comparison website,like Check24, when seeking the appropriate rental vehicle. You have a German-speaking contact person and can get all the information in your native tongue if there are any issues with the car rental agency or the agent in the future. 

Use different search settings

If feasible, change the rental location, the date, the hour, and the rental length while comparing costs. Reason: The airport or main train station typically charges a premium for its stations. Therefore, it might be less expensive to pick an alternative branch or a nearby city. 

Weekends frequently have exceptional offers. Try it; sometimes three days are even less expensive than two, and a week is less expensive than five. 

By the way, with a car rental firm, you often can only reserve a specific vehicle category, not a specific vehicle. Ask the landlord directly if you have a certain model in mind. 

The best tank policy is “full-full”

There are varying rules about how much fuel you can add to the tank before returning the automobile. Make sure your reservation qualifies for this variation. 

The “full-full” fuel policy is typical and the most affordable for you in the majority of countries. When you pick it up, the tank is full, and it should be full when you return it. 

Choose unlimited kilometres if you want to drive a lot

We advise choosing “unlimited kilometres” if you want to go a considerable distance because additional kilometres are pricey. However, you can choose a vehicle with a constrained number of included kilometres if you know in advance that you won’t want to make long trips. 

Beware of extra costs for one-way rentals

In theory, you are free to return the car to a location other than the one you picked it up. However, there are additional expenses associated with this so-called one-way rental: up to 30 euros within Germany, depending on the landlord. 

This extra can cost up to 450 euros in the United States, which is significantly more expensive. The rental terms of the relevant provider contain the precise cost. 

Avoid expensive extras

Some supplemental services are pricey. Examine your requirement for this extra. Additionally, there are occasions when it is less expensive to bring your kid’s seat or to buy a new one locally rather than renting one from a car rental agency. 

It is important to reserve extras like an automatic gearbox, a navigation system, or air conditioning in advance if you don’t want to go without them. This is more affordable, and the landlord can provide you with the additions right now. 

What kind of insurance do you need?

You must consider quality insurance coverage in addition to the rental car’s cost. The primary differences between the packages are the maximum amount of damage that the insurance will cover and how much you will be required to pay as a co-payment in the event of damage. To compare the various providers of Insurance, check either Check24 or Verivox.

Fully comprehensive insurance without excess

Even if the insured party was at fault for the collision, fully comprehensive insurance will pay for any damage to your car that results from the incident. However, the performances vary. Which damage is insured is stated in the rental conditions. 


Liability insurance with high coverage

The expense of harm the driver causes to others is covered by liability insurance. On reputable comparison websites, you can filter the offerings, although typically only by the coverage amount starting at one million euros. However, given how rapidly personal injuries, in particular, might exceed this sum, that’s still a relatively little amount. 

Theft insurance with co-payment

Theft insurance will pay for this if the rental car is taken. It is typically offered with every offer, but frequently with a deductible. 


Cancellation deadlines

With reputable suppliers, you can cancel without penalty up to 24 hours before the rental begins, depending on whether you made the reservation by phone or by email. The only time the agents will accept a cancellation is within those times. 

Payment options

Normally, a prepaid credit card cannot be used for this. 

You should be aware of your credit card’s PIN and daily limit to prevent issues if the landlord freezes the deposit. 

Driver’s license and minimum age

The drivers of the rental automobiles must have their licences for at least a year, according to several rental agencies. The leasing terms of the relevant offer contain information on this. The age requirement to rent an automobile is another factor. 

The driver must be older than 19, typically even 21 or 23 years old, depending on the service provider and vehicle class. Younger people typically have to pay an extra cost. Use a daily budget of 12 to 20 euros. 

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