Check for Cheapest Gas Providers in Germany

Best Gas provider in Germany

When you move into your apartment, the same as choosing an electricity provider you will always have gas – which means hot water and heating – available. The usual suppliers in your region are for example Gasag in Berlin, E.ON in Hamburg, SWM in Munich, RheinEnergie in Cologne or Mainova in Frankfurt , with a basic contract (Grundversorgungsvertrag). If you do not apply for a new provider then the existing provider will send you a payment request at some point. It is very normal in Germany, to change the existing provider/plan, as the conditions of a standard plan are quite expensive. The notice period to quit the standard supplier is normally 2 weeks.

When you opt for a new provider, they usually take care of all the documentation like cancelling of the old contract with the old provider, informing the grid provider etc. Normally the contracts last for a year but can have special conditions mentioned about quitting when moving or leaving the country. When one changes the provider, then quite often the new providers give incentives like discounts or sign-up bonuses for the initial year etc, so it’s getting quite popular to change providers, on a yearly basis. Gas Fares normally include the following components, similar to electricity fares :
    • Basic price (Grundpreis): Monthly fee independent of electricity usage
    • Usage price (Verbrauchspreis): Price per kwh, dependent on actual usage
    • Immediate discount (Sofortrabatt): Discount applied per kwh, normally during the initial year
    • Immediate bonus (Sofortbonus): Fixed amount paid out during the start of your contract to new customers
    • Neukundenbonus (New customer bonus): Fixed amount paid out usually at the end of the first contract year.
The payments are normally done in advance, depending upon your expected monthly usage. Depending on your actual usage, then you either receive a payback, or you have to make an additional payment, annually. Below comparison service is provided in collaboration with our partner Check24. To sign up for a new contract, one only needs the address and the number written on your gas meter, which is normally located in your apartment. The other popular comparison portals for Gas providers are Verivox and TarifCheck, which you can use as well if you prefer.

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Postleitzahl => PIN Code of your city
Nutzung => usage (Privat => residential) Verbrauch (kWh) => kWh usage per year Nur Biogas- oder Klimatarife => only Renewable Energy
Bonus einberechnen => include the bonus of the provider in the calculation Then hit on “jetzt vergleichen”
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