Moving made easy in Germany


Moving can be an exciting milestone in life, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming without proper planning. That’s where Moovick comes in – an all-in-one app that offers on-demand, professional relocation and home improvement services across all EU countries. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the continent, Moovick has got you covered.

The company’s main purpose is to help plan the complete move, including the accompanying processes such as move in/out cleaning, painting, electric, assembly, disassembly etc.

Depending on the customer tasks and moving package (Economy, Premium, Business), you can customize a turnkey move and provide a range of individual services:

  • As the organizer, you specify what kind of task should be solved, including planning resources and moving schedules.
  • All work is carried out by experienced professionals registered on the app, using high-quality packaging materials to pack and protect property.
  • Depending on the volume of goods, Moovick* offers four types of transportation options: cars, vans, 3.5t and 7.5t trucks.
  • Upon request, Moovick can also deliver high-quality packaging materials for the self-packing of personal belongings.
  • You can request loading , unloading , disassembly, and assembly services to comfort yourself in your new home.
  • You can count on Moovick’s support via email and Whatsapp (in English and German), with all questions about the move from door to door.

Moovick* is also a great platform, with its top-notch technology that connects clients and service providers in a fast and handy way, including home improvement, which is like a first aid kit. All the customers may count on the experienced workers Moovick finds for them. The home improvement package includes:

  • handyman services
  • gardening
  • floor
  • junk hauling
  • outside flooring
  • facade and balcony
  • roof and solar
  • painting
  • IKEA kitchen assembly and disassembly
  • cleaning

The company offers both domestic and international moves. Domestic relocations are being done within Germany and the Netherlands, while international ones are being done from Germany/the Netherlands to any EU country. You can request service movers who will transport your personal belongings to any spot as quickly as possible and with 100% safety of the property entrusted to them.

In the evening you will sit in your favorite armchair, and take a look around the new apartment, you will see that all the furniture is assembled and placed in its place, and things are neatly laid out. Houses are in order, you are full of energy – which means it’s time to make a list of those invited to the housewarming party! Such a move – comfortable and inexpensive – will become a reality for you if you use Moovick app for relocation.

Moovick believes in the future of the gig economy, and its goal is to provide high-quality services with easy access to hundreds of jobs in their neighborhood. At the same time, offer their customers hundreds of skilled workers to deliver, repair or move whatever they need.

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Here’s the link to directly reach the company of our choice:*

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