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There’s a good possibility that if you’re looking for energy providers in Germany, you’re moving into a new flat. If that’s the case, let me firstly CONGRATULATE you for getting past this significant obstacle! Whether you’re an ex-pat or not, renting an apartment or flat in Germany is difficult. Even locals lament how difficult this chore is. And if you’re already under pressure from trying to figure out how to get energy in Germany. Don’t worry; we have explained the whole process below.

In addition, we’ll describe how the registration procedure works. But we’ll also go over some key criteria you should consider when picking a German power utility provider. The finest method for price comparison and how to cut your electricity bill by HUNDREDS of euros! 

Electricity Providers in Germany

You are surely aware that your ‘Warm Miete’ (German for warm rent) does not always include utilities like electricity and gas. You will have to sign an energy and/or gas contract with the utility company of your choosing, which is pretty typical when renting a long-term residence. The most popular means is to go on the comparison portal Check24, Verivox or Tarifcheck. But how can you choose the best electrical provider when there are more than 1,000 in Germany? 

How Do I Choose an Electricity Provider in Germany?

Utilities like electricity and gas are frequently excluded from your ‘Warm Miete,’ as you surely already know if you’re aware about renting apartments in Germany. This requires you to sign a contract with a utility company of your choice for your electricity and/or gas service, which is relatively typical when renting a long-term residence.  But how can you choose from the more than 1,000 electrical suppliers which are listed on comparison portals like Check24 or Verivox, in Germany? Use the following parameters,to choose your provider
  1. The company’s financial condition and track record;
  2. How lengthy (i.e., 12 months, 24 months, etc.) is the electrical contractor that you must sign? 
  3. The type of energy you would like to use: conventional (coal and nuclear-fueled) or green and renewable. 
Track Record of the Electricity Supplier
Probably the most significant is the first point. Choose an electricity supplier in Germany that has a solid financial position (i.e., the business doesn’t have financial troubles), has been in business for at least three to five years, and has a solid reputation.  This is crucial since there have been instances in the past where customers have lost money to electrical businesses that subsequently went bankrupt. This is the reason you shouldn’t sign up with an electrical provider who demands upfront payment for your electricity.  Simply avoiding the new and small electrical firms that no one has heard of is another simple strategy to select an electricity supplier in Germany without having to examine their financial balance sheets.  Choose one of Germany’s more well-known electrical suppliers, such as  Vattenfall, Badenova, E.ON to mention a few, to be on the safe side. If not, choose an electrical supplier like Ostrom who doesn’t need you to sign a fixed-term contract (i.e., a flexible monthly contract).  cshow
Length of Electricity Contract
You will typically be required to sign a 12- or 24-month contract with an electricity provider. You can filter out this information, on the comparison sites like Check24 and Verivox. The majority of German power providers give a price guarantee, thus signing a longer-term contract has this advantage. This indicates that for the duration of your contract, you will pay X euros per kilowatt. You will therefore continue to pay the cheaper rate even if electricity prices rise.  However, the disadvantage is that even if electricity costs drop, you’ll still be required to pay the higher rate. Yup! Price guarantees are not always a good thing because of this. And if you fall for electricity companies who provide “price guarantees,” you can even find yourself paying more for electricity than you should.  The fact that you can only break the contract after the term is another drawback. This implies that you won’t be able to move to a different power provider in Germany until your current contract expires if you for some reason decide to do so.  Therefore, there is no ideal length for an electrical contractor to be signed. Your personal preference is your own. Making sure that the power company you select allows monthly payments in arrears is the only thing you need to be on the lookout for. 

Electricity Providers in Germany with Flexible Contracts

If you don’t feel confident signing a 12- or 24-month electricity contract, there is a solution to this. One of the few electrical suppliers in Germany to give a flexible electricity contract is Ostrom.  In other words, you are not obligated to sign an electrical contract for any period of time. The sole prerequisite is that you submit a 4-week cancellation notice. It’s a fantastic choice for people who have relocated to Germany for employment or school, as well as for digital nomads who are unsure of how long they will stay in Germany. 

Regular vs Renewable Electricity

The final but equally significant decision is whether to use conventional or renewable (green and eco-friendly) electricity. Yes, Germany has companies that provide green energy. So, there’s no longer any justification for not leading a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.  The best thing, though? It just costs a few extra Euros each month to choose to use 100% green electricity generated by wind, solar, hydro, and biomass. Take this course, and you’’ find that the monthly premium for using 100% sustainable energy is less than a cup of coffee! That is what we refer to as a REAL deal. 

Our Recommendation

As recently as 2020, Ostrom was launched with an English website, live chat and customer support. This startup is disrupting the traditional Energy providers space in Germany.
The main thing about Ostrom, is that not only are they providing 100% renewable energy, but also their plan is flexible. This has two very important meanings for the consumer 1) you are not stuck for years with one provider without the possibility of changing the provider. One can cancel the contract at any point!! and 2) When the energy prices go up then so do your charges , as a consumer BUT if they come down then yours comes down as well. This is unlike the other providers, who do not pass back this to the consumer. But if you would like to still check and compare the other providers, then use either the tool below by Check24 or Verivox.

Check for the cheapest provider here

Postleitzahl => PIN Code of your city Nutzung => usage (Privat => residential) Verbrauch (kWh) => kWh usage per year Nur Ökostrom => only Renewable Energy Then hit on “jetzt vergleichen”
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