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Are you looking for online language classes to start your growth journey? Well, look no further! Sangrr, a Berlin-based company, is here to cater to your services. They provide live online LMS (Learning Management System)-based DaF (German as a Foreign Language) & Berfusprachkurs (Business German) courses which are ideal for writing professional exams such as Goethe, Telc, ECL etc. Their live classes are conducted by a team of expert, qualified, native/professional, & diligent trainers. One can receive a course completion certificate by the end of the course.

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Not only do they prepare you to start your journey in a foreign land, but they also prepare you to speak like a native. This understanding will help you understand the country’s culture, way of life, and people, eventually enabling you to reach new heights in your German-career trajectory.

Besides the German language, they provide French and Spanish courses along with training & certification in Classical/semi-classical Dance, Musical instruments, Yoga, & Fitness courses.

Read on to know the provider a bit better.


Sangrr provides a diversified field of services. From helping you prepare for the language exams to guiding a career path, we promise to be there for you at every step of this journey. We also care for the extracurriculars and hobbies of our students. Therefore, we also cater to students, dance, musical instruments and Yoga & fitness courses.

Core language training services

  • DaF/DELF/DELE (German/ French/Spanish) Language exam preparation
  • E-learning & offline training & certification (only in Berlin) in Dance, Musical instruments, Yoga, & Fitness courses
  • Universities/Colleges selection in the EU (European Union) for higher studies
  • Professional/Business Language & Tech Course Services for Self-pitch/Job-coaching/ Internship or Thesis Application

Courses & certification

We provide language certification preparation courses for you to choose from. The courses offered can broadly be categorized as a foreign language, English language and business language (soft skill) based on the primary subject of the course. Choose from the below list as per your needs/requirements:

  • German as a Foreign Language (DaF: Deutsch Als Fremdsprache)
  • Business German (Geschäftsdeutsch)
  • Diploma in French language (DELF: Diplômed’étudesen langue française)
  • Diploma in Advanced French Language (DALF: Diplômeapprofondi de langue française)
  • French assessment test for Canada (TEF: Test d’évaluation de français)
  • Diploma in Spanish language (DELE: Diplomas de EspañolComo LenguaExtranjera)

Language & Expat support services

  • Documents/Contract Proof-reading
  • Form-fillups, Mail writing
  • Tax filing consultancy
  • How to register a business in Germany

Meet the trainers

  • Qualified, Professional English-speaking native/experienced trainers
  • Average 3-8 years of teaching experience by each trainer
  • Both the 1 to 1 class & Group class option
  • Maximum 5/Average 3 students in each group class
  • The focus is to teach you better in a language you are familiar with
  • To help you prepare for mixing in with the locals and their culture.

Why Choose Sangrr?

  • LMS (Learning Management System)-based live digital classes
  • Affordable price with option to pay in installments. (Applicable especially for students) plus a lot of new offers and promotions.
  • Clarify doubts on the go 24×7
  • Flexible & customisable batch timings. (Students connect with teachers and other students in the group and plan the batch timings.)
  • New language batches starting twice/month (1st & 15th)
  • Learn at your pace (Intensive, Super-Intensive group classes and 1 on 1 lesson)
  • Interactive sessions with trainers & students from different parts of the world
  • Learn with expert native trainers & experience the local dialect & culture
  • A course curated just for your professional field, with detailed syllabus. (Course Details)
  • Network with learners from around the globe
  • Plan your higher studies/internship/job/career in EU countries

So, what’s the wait? Reach out to us through our official site, Let’s start on the journey you always dreamt of and turn it into your living reality.

Promotion code: EXPAT10. (10% off on all courses for Expat Guide readers / followers)

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