Best Broker for Investing in Germany – Scalable Capital & Trade Republic?


For investment purposes, get the services of professional brokers. Earlier, if you wanted to deal with stocks and purchase these, you had to call a broker in person, or get in touch with them over the phone to place your order. Time has changed. Now you have the option of trading stocks via online trading platforms and investment algorithms. All you need for the purpose is a simple app on either your laptop or smartphone.

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Against this backdrop, the need for online brokers has increased. But who is he? He is basically a professional middleman between you and the purchase of a financial instrument, like a stock, future, or exchange-traded fund (ETF), for example. He helps with the purchase of this security, over and over again, for a small payment or commission, over a digital network. If you reside in Germany, you have to pay a 25% capital tax on all your investment profits.

Keen to invest in Germany?

This takes us to the key question! Are you keen to invest in Germany, and wish to know the best broker for investing in the European nation? If yes, you are at the right page! But before we seek an answer, let’s first know which would be the right online broker for you – German or international? Both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. tb


A well-known international name in the field, it was brought into existence way back in 2007. It enjoys widespread popularity — both in Germany and abroad — and allows for social copy trading and cryptocurrency trading. eToro started as a general trading platform that permitted trading commodities, currencies, and ETFs. However, later it grew to provide cryptocurrency and other financial instruments as the requirement for them changed and increased. It uses both a web platform and an app that is intuitive and pretty uncomplicated. This makes it an amazing choice for beginners learning how to trade. Having said that, it would still be a better idea to use the professional services rendered by a local, German online broker.

What are the benefits of investing with a German broker?

If you sign up as a German Broker you will improve your life and have a better trading experience. The major advantage of using a German broker is that he is well aware of the various German laws. He will do the tax filing for you and automatically transfer the taxes withheld to the finanzamt. If you have an international broker onboard, you would have to do it yourself. When you select a German broker like Scalable Capital or Trade Republic, for example, you actually make your life so much simpler!

Top Local Options

As mentioned earlier, Scalable Capital and Trade Republic are the two main German online brokers.
Scalable Capital* Online
It’s provided by Scalable Capital GmbH. Brought into existence in 2014, it provides three different plans for its broker services. Apart from this, it also provides 4,000-plus stocks from the largest and most well-known indices of the world, more than 2,000 no-load funds, not to mention 1,300-plus ETFs entitled for savings plans.   tb
Trade Republic* Online
Provided by Trade Republic GmbH, Trade Republic Online Broker was brought into existence in 2015. It is a platform where you can both save money and make money with personal savings plans on ETFs and stocks. With Trade Republic onboard, you have commission-free trading facilities. It’s the first business to bring in a mobile-only trading app even as its motto is that everyone should have easy, speedy and 100% FREE access to Capital Markets. Trade Republic Anleihen

Major Features

Scalable Capital*
  1. Enables an incredibly hands-off approach to trading via their robo-advisor
  2. Interface and support available in English
  3. Offers a free financial appraisal for new clients
  4. Pricing and fee arrangement is totally transparent
  5. Self-trading accounts are pretty low-priced
  6. Regulated under the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)
  7. Uncomplicated and spontaneous
Trade Republic*
  1. No deposit, withdrawal, or inactivity charges.
  2. Well supported by regulated banks, including Solaris Bank and HSBC Germany. .
  3. Every investor’s clearing account is insured for not more than EUR 100.000.
  4. No requirement for a minimum balance to begin trading.
  5. The platform is quite spontaneous and uncomplicated.
  6. Numerous financial instruments to invest in, such as major cryptocurrencies and global stock markets.
  7. Interface support in German, English, and French.
Scalable Capital & Trade Republic: Comparison
Scalable Capital
  • Interface and support available in English, German
  • Even though you need to have a minimum deposit of just EUR 1, you need to have a high deposit to begin trading stocks, ETFs, and funds right away.
  • Lays lesser importance on your portfolio assessment. This is typical because it provides many additional services.
  • It, all the time, had a web app along with its mobile app.
  • It’s meant for those who wish to have the liberty to use the broker from any place in Europe.
Trade Republic
  • Interface support is available in three languages, namely, German, English, and French.
  • No deposit, withdrawal, or inactivity charges.
  • Trade Republic has a better UI, vis-à-vis Scalable Capital. As soon as you open the app you have your portfolio performance and the daily performance. Post that, you may scroll down to take a look at the individual investments.
  • Earlier, Trade Republic only provided a mobile app but lately it has also started offering its services via a web app.
  • It’s basically tailored for the more casual investors within the state.


Even as there’s no single best online broker in Germany, the broker that will suit your specific needs the best will depend on your particular trading style, the total amount of money you want to invest, not to mention your hunger for risk. Scalable Capital is a good choice for a person who is looking for a low-cost, easy-to-use platform with a wide range of investment products. Trade Republic is a good choice for investors who are looking for a simple and easy-to-use platform with no account fees. eToro is a good choice for someone who is looking for a platform with a wide range of features, including social trading. I have been using Scalable Capital for a while now, and recommend the same as a casual investor I find the user interface very friendly and the cost is very nominal
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